Welcome to Blue MedicareRx!

Thank you for choosing Blue MedicareRx. You’re now part of a family backed by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand with a long-standing history of high-quality service and support. Here is information on what to expect and some tips to help you get the most value from your new Medicare Part D plan.

Welcome Letter and ID Card

Within a few days of acceptance into your new plan, you should receive a Welcome letter and your Member ID Card. Keep your card safe, and present it at your pharmacy to ensure you pay the correct amount for your medications based on your coverage.

If you do not receive your ID card on time or have misplaced it, call Customer Care and we’ll issue you a new card. You can also print a Temporary ID Card to use while you wait.

Blue MedicareRx Plan Materials

You’ll also receive the following materials outlining details of your new plan:

  • Evidence of Coverage (EOC) – A reference booklet updated annually that explains your plan’s 
 policies, services and benefits, and your rights and responsibilities as a beneficiary.
  • Comprehensive Formulary – A partial list of brand and generic drugs covered by your plan, including information about Tiers and Formulary Restrictions.
  • Pharmacy Network guide – A list of our network pharmacies in your area.
  • New Member Welcome Guide – A guide specifically designed to help new Blue MedicareRx 
 members learn about available services, tools and resources.
  • Mail Service Pharmacy Order Form – Use this form to save money on many of your prescriptions and have them sent directly to you.
  • Claim Form and Appointment of Representative Form – These forms will help you file a claim or assign a representative to manage your prescription coverage if necessary.

Helpful Plan Information

The following links will help ensure you’re off to a great start and get the most value from your new Blue MedicareRx plan.