A Blue MedicareRx 2024 pharmacy is never far from where you are.

Blue MedicareRx (PDP) is accepted coast-to-coast at national pharmacy chains and grocery retailers, plus thousands of community-based independent pharmacies.

Out of the 63,000+ pharmacies in our network, over 20,000 are preferred retail cost-sharing network pharmacies. When you fill your prescription at a preferred pharmacy your copay is lower than what you would pay at a standard network pharmacy.

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CVS Caremark Mail-Order Pharmacy

If you like the convenience of having your prescription drugs delivered, you may utilize the CVS Caremark Mail-order pharmacy. Overall, your costs for a 90-day supply of prescriptions ordered through our mail order service will be lower than what you will pay for a 90-day supply at a network retail pharmacy.

Note: Not all prescriptions are available at mail order.

To request a printed copy of our pharmacy directory call us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.