Drug and Pharmacy Network Coverage 2024

Explore how a Blue MedicareRx plan would work for you. Our prescription drug plans (PDPs) cover most Medicare-Eligible drugs through a large pharmacy network.

Comprehensive Drug Coverage

Every medication we cover is assigned to one of five drug tiers on our list of drugs, also known as a formulary. Drugs on lower tiers are mostly generics and will generally cost less than brand drugs found on higher tiers. Some drugs may require prior authorization or that you meet other special requirements before they are covered.

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Take the guesswork out of comparing plans with our drug pricing tool. Enter your medications to verify coverage and see your total cost for both plans.

Nationwide Pharmacy Network

With over 63,000+ pharmacies, including large chains and independent pharmacies, you can travel anywhere in the United States and still have access to your medications. Choose from among our 20,000 preferred cost-sharing pharmacies or use our convenient mail service pharmacy to get the greatest cost savings.

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