Saving on Prescriptions

Here are two simple ways you can start saving on prescriptions today:

Choose a generic drug

Many brand-name drugs have a generic equivalent that’s identical in dose and strength but costs significantly less. By using generics, you can save money on overall drug costs and delay entrance into the potentially costly coverage gap. Talk to your doctor to see if a generic drug is right for you.

Use CVS Caremark Mail Service

Would you like the convenience of having prescriptions delivered? Standard shipping is free, and a 90-day supply of drugs usually costs much less than you’d pay for three 30-day copayments at a regular pharmacy.

With CVS Caremark Mail Service, you’ll enjoy:

  • Greater convenience.
    • Have prescriptions delivered to the location of your choice—home, office, vacation spot, etc.
    • Get up to a 90-day supply of medication.
    • Order refills anytime through
  • Excellent quality through confidential, tamper-resistant, and temperature-controlled packaging.
  • Substitution of generics for brand-name drugs when authorized by a physician.

  • We’re here to help!

  • Whether you have questions about your current membership, looking for more information about our plans, or to sign up for a new prescription drug plan, call us today!
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